The decision was made 2 years ago when my baby just turn into 2. I have been in misery in the past 3 or 4 years ago but because of my extra ordinary worries I refuse to resign when my husband asked me to do so.

My only worries is I don't have any income whilst I have to send some money to my mom although she never asked to but I do know exactly When I am sending money every month with different amount depends of her needs (not for foods) it would be very helpful. Beside, I don't have any other way to take care of my parents because I was away from home and after marriage I have to live with my husband.
Well, the only thing that make me decided to resign finally because I was strongly believe that income can be earned from other sources. Not only from company where I was working since along.

I have faith that I can earn more than I've got because I have faith to my GODS. Luckily, I met my current partner and she indeed a good friend, we came with the idea and start our business from zero. And now, our start up company is one of fast growing hospitality company. It's not just a luck which some as it is but a luck that we build in the some years back.

So, my suggestion when you are planning to resign from your miserable and no progress career just ensure your self to have a faith that GODS Creates many ways to earn money, do not stuck in one place which will slowly kill your potential.

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