Blogger or Writer?

I am questioned with a friend who I met in an event in few month back. That was blogger event. The question is "what kind of blogger are you?" I was smiling at her and replied "kind of blogger who loves to write everything I want without any specific niche" and she continued asking "so are you a writer?" before I replied the second question, I had a deep thinking about being writer.

What do you think about writer? I am questioning myself. Just because you love to write, can't stop to write and you have a blog can you called writer or blogger?.

Again, what do you think?

Once, I have ever wrote a compilation book with some friends but I have no my own book. I am planing to have it in few past year ago but my laptop was stolen so I lost my draft and have no attention on writing a book anymore. Although I have a dream to write a book about marker ting but, I think there are many people has much better marketing skill than me, I am not sure there is somebody interesting to buy my book. Its not a pessimistic thought but I am being realistic.

Back to my question; can you call a writer to the people can stop writing and can't live without? If so, you can call me writer? But, since I write on a blog I don't mind if you call me a blogger :)

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